Somalia’s il Bouno, il Brutto and il Cattivo Houses parliament

Disclaimer; Right, and the debate is on and this will determine where the power will eventually lie but make no mistake, the 3 Houses of parliament are probably happening in every country since we are in the era of communication and does not solely lie with us Somalis alone. I think all across the world, people are debating online and whether there debates carry weight or not probably depends on the freedom level of each national state.

That brings me right over to the topic I’d like to cover but won’t cover in depth as this is a blog and not intended to go into details with things but rather hit the nail right in the coffin. Let me get to the point; There is a power struggle between 3 types of parliament that are causing havoc by splitting the heart of our community when there whole purpose initially was to keep things in order and balance; pillars to stand on and represent for what is right and go against what is evil.

The main characters in this post are three very loud yet powerless but carry the potential to bring people together. What am I talking about? Well by now you’d have guessed it surely but in case you haven’t, then the 3 House of Parliament I am referring too are the 3 musketeers or il Bouno, il Brutto and il Cattivo commonly known as the good, the bad and the ugly.

Let me break it down within the breakdown; We Somalis love to talk and whether its about politics, sports, social or whatever any other people talk about, we do it with passion which is in total contrast to the views of our fellow earthlings who mistake our passion as a scuffle about to go down.

The 3 Musketeers;

Twitter Parliament (il Bouno) The good

  • Il Bouno (The good) or rather good-ish is the most powerless of the 3 but somwhat surprisingly carries the strongest weight in a role it shouldn’t have been taking; making all the decision. The parliamentarians in twitter are usually straight forward, they question the questions and have the answers to the very same questions they ask. Where they don’t strike a balance is how easy their ‘academy’ proportionally awards titles and majors, a few tweets here and there; you are immediately an expert or given the patriotic status. il Bouno was where we first heard the naming of our Prime Minister and also played a role in handling key resignations and firings.

Facebook Parliament (il Cattivo) The bad

  • Cheap propaganda, loud, untidy, qabyaalistically high, a club for the old school and very loud with only Af Somali used. Il Cattivo resembles a 1980’s disco themed restaurant or club where the has-been’s and the has-has been’s compete in their art gallery of yesteryears with no holds bar in the qabyaalad department. They carry all sort of never-ending titles and believe their rants are justified as they are “the key discussion points in the UN General Assembly” as one member put it. There never-ending beef began in the early 1990s and has no peace-agreement in sight as many are motioning for another civil war. That should tell you all there is to know about il Cattivo.

Federal Parliament (il Brutto) The ugly

  • Il Brutto (The ugly) have all the power but somehow always go AWOL without any explanation but then to re-emerge from there caves once the fire loses coal and the days begin to get colder. They are an incredible bunch where loyalty seizes to exist and can swear on any oath without hesitation. They live in a bubble and only worry about how to keep the bubble intact even with a sellotape if necessary and the majority are also hardcore honourable serving members of il Cattivo (Facebook) parliament.

The three musketeers are now the self-titled voices of the ordinary citizens however their potential will only exceed and carry ounces of gold if utilised in a manner where we can listen to each other and share ideas.

Until we can see social reforms then I’m afraid il Bouno, il Brutto and il Cattivo will continue to out-speak the 99%.

The world is listening to us but unfortunately there listening to the 3 Musketeers. 
Mohamed Hassan – 

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