Where did it all go wrong Mr President?

9th President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi farmaajo

 Many people are asking themselves questions such as how a city in such a security lockdown, can 4 terrorists attack a hotel without being noticed in a heavily checked guarded area with a car bomb and then storm into the hotel killing many innocent lives? The grim reality of security failure in Mogadishu was shown evident last night when Al Shabab militants attacked Hotel Elite and held it hostage for close to 5 hours killing almost 20 people and injuring up to dozens others. 

All this comes at a time when the Somali Prime Minister was recently sacked by the President for ”failing in his duties” and given the red card in a brutal fashion. Nevertheless, the very same cabinet that had ”failed” in their duties are still present and working bar their old boss, Hassan Ali Kheyre.

For example, the Security Minister, who is now a fierce critic of President Farmaajo, was the driving force behind the protest inside parliament building when it was announced that the Prime Minister was sacked by parliament after withdrawal of confidence. The same Minister is still left as a caretaker minister of Security as President Farmaajo’s delayed tactics in appointing a new Prime Minister is causing security relapse and confusion inside the country.

In his Presidency, Somalia has witnessed the worst mass murder killings since the 9/11 terror attacks in New York City on 14th October 2017 with close to 800 people killed and a attack with a suicide bomber inside the office of Mogadishu’s Mayor on July 2019, killing him and many other experienced directors alongside him.

Nobody was ever held accountable and the same intelligence officials who have failed time and time again are still present in their role.

President Farmaajo may perhaps presume himself to having the law on his side by walking in a thin line but the one thing that he really needs and is the deal-breaker is leaving him in huge numbers and very quickly. The very same group who had welcomed him with open arms despite their clan and the very same people who are now wondering just where it all went wrong; The Somali people.

At this rate, President Farmaajo can very well forget about organic support of the Somali people as the only supporters left are now those who he’s advisors call the night before with promises of incentives if they come out for him; The gatekeepers of the IDP camps.

I think it’s time we all think and accept the reality that President Farmaajo and his team have failed miserably.

The country needs leadership so that means that Somalia wants change.

Mohamed Hassan

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