Somalia’s Civil Society release ‘statement of concern’ regarding Dhuusamareeb 3 forum

Dhuusamareeb 3 convention kicked out with the absence of Puntland & Jubbaland State leaders, coursing concern to Civil Societies and stakeholders.

Somalia’s Civil Society groups have released a joint statement expressing their ‘deep concern’ on the handlings and recent opening of Dhuusamareeb 3 national forum.

Somalia’s state leaders are convening in Galmudug’s capital, Dhuusamareeb, to finally break a deal and decide in the model for the upcoming 2021 highly anticipated elections to take place in Somalia.

The statement from Civil Societies included ”there is serious concern from all aspects of society regarding the important Dhuusamareeb 3 convention because of that, its concerning we hear absence of some federal regions (Puntland & Jubbaland) with the forum commencing without their valuable input.”

“We urge all leaders to find ways in compromising for the sake of the country and its future, and to decide on agreed election formula for 2020/2021” the statement added.

Dhuusamareeb 3 national forum is a close out of the Dhuusamareeb 1 and 2 meeting’s between the Federal Government and Federal Member leader’s.

It is to be noted that President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo pushed for a motion against his Prime Minister last month upon arriving back from Dhuusmareeb 2, surprising many Somalis, international observers around the world and Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre himself who was still at Dhuusamareeb when he heard of his sacking by Parliament.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo’s term expires 8th February 2021 and the country is still yet to decide the election model it wants with many accusing the president of delayed tactics in seeking an extension and conspiring with Federal Parliament who’s term expires in a few months, November 2020.

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