The investigation into the attack on the Central Prison has been completed and some surprising facts have been revealed..

Inmates in Central Prison in Mogadishu recently took hostages and exchanged fire with guards, killing 21 including correctional officers.

Mogadishu – The committee tasked with investigating the August 10 terrorist attack inside the Mogadishu Central Prison, met with the caretaker Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled today and shared the results of their research.

According to a statement from the caretaker Prime Minister’s Office, the commission found that on August 08, 2020, weapons were placed inside the prison, and on August 10, 2020, more ammunition was smuggled inside, leading to inmates in death row to carry out the attacks inside the prison.

“Weapons containing pistols and grenades were hidden in meat and sacks containing lemons,” the investigation report said.

A statement from the caretaker Prime Minister’s Office added that 27 people had been arrested in connection with the incident, including 12 members of the probation service, six civilians and nine inmates for the related terrorist attack inside the prison.

“The officers and probation officers arrested in this case, including the central prison commander and his deputy, are accused of facilitating the attack or neglecting their responsibility to ensure the safety of prisoners and other citizens,” it said.

“The commission has stated that since its investigation has been completed, the matter has been handed over to the Armed Forces Prosecutor.”

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