SHOCKING Video emerges of local singers roaming around Somali Prime Ministers office behaving wild & loudly….

A video has been leaked of young Somali socialists roaming around the recently sacked Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre’s vacated office and humiliating and taunting him.

The shocking video shows local artists and staff imitating the behaviour of former PM Kheyre and causing loud scenes inside the office when tensions are high in security, socially, politically and economically in Somalia due to many on-going disputes between leaders and the handling of former Prime Ministers sacking. President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is yet to rename a replacement.

Many Somalis have been left wondering how security clearance was given to ”frantic and ‘wild” singers and then be allowed to record themselves roaming freely and posting it online.

”It’s very shocking, really shocking. At a time when the country is politically disabled, COVID19 is still around and security is high, we are seeing what we can only describe as ‘parties’ taking place inside Villa Somalia” said Abdullahi Osman, a Student who lives in Mogadishu speaking with BenaadirTV.

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is still to name a Prime Minister to replace recently sacked Hassan Ali Kheyre, with many accusing the President of delayed tactics.

Somalia is looking to go to the polls on 2021 and leaders are currently convened in Dhuusamareeb, the state capital of Galmudug, to discuss the methods of election.

No official comment has been released by care-taker Prime Minister Mahdi Guuled’s temporary office regarding this wild & shocking behaviour.

Watch video below

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