Dhusamareb Conference reaches 17-point electoral agreement

Dhusamareb (BTV) – The third round of the Dhusamareb Conference on Elections 2020/21 has reached an agreement on the type of elections to be held in the country, consisting of 17 point, namely: –

  1. Make the 2020/21 electoral system electoral constituency caucuses.
  2. That the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in collaboration with the State Governments facilitate the formation of an all-inclusive selection committee of elders and civil society from the seat-sharing community.
  3. Delegates for each seat should be 301 from the seat-sharing community.
  4. To designate at least four (4) constituencies in each State where the elections take place.
  5. The voters should combine the 3 to 5 seats in one polling station and then vote together for all the party candidates running for those seats.
  6. That the elections be held nationwide on the same day.
  7. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) may transfer the designated constituencies to other secure constituencies.
  8. Election of seats in Somaliland through indirect elections.
  9. In planning and implementing election with the National Independent Election Commission (GMDQ) in cooperation with the State and civil society.
  10. To hold elections in a multi-party system.
  11. That the parliaments elect the Upper House.
  12. That this agreement be submitted to the House of the People of the Federal Parliament for enactment.
  13. In order for the elections to take place on time, it was decided that the NIEC should expedite the implementation of the elections.
  14. The leaders of the conference are committed to continuing their efforts to address the concerns of the 2020/21 elections in the two states that are absent from the conference, and we look forward to joining us in any task that remains to be done.
  15. Protect the 30% quota for women.
  16. Conference thanks the President and the people (Galmudug) for their commitment to the central reception and hosting the conference.
  17. The Conference also expresses its gratitude to the International Community for its continued support to the Somali people.

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