Breaking News: The Forum for National Parties takes an surprising position on the Dhusamareeb III agreement

Mogadishu – The Forum National Political (FNP) has issued a press statement on the recent conference in Dhusamareeb III and the agreement reached in the absence of the Puntland and Jubbaland administrations.

The forum unexpectedly welcomed the agreement reached at the Dhusamareeb III conference, saying that the agreed-upon electoral process was moving in the right direction.

The forum said it was necessary to reach a consensus at this time, in order to achieve an electoral process that is acceptable to all political stakeholders in the country.

“The Forum welcomes the Dhusamareeb III election process and sees it as a step in the right direction,” read the statement.

“The Forum believes that the Dhusamareeb III agreement still needs to be agreed upon as before,” it said.

The forum also said that the absence of Puntland and Jubbaland from the conference undermines the necessary co-operation in the electoral process as well as reaching a consensus.

The forum concluded in the statement that it will soon release details of its official position on the terms of the agreement reached at the Dhusamareeb III conference.

Statement Below

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