Former Governor Thaabit Abdi Mohamed sends a message to the Fed Parliament on the Dhusamareb agreement

Formar Mayor of Mogadishu and Governor of Benadir, Thaabit Abdi Mohamed

Mogadishu (BTV) – The former governor of Benadir region, Taabid Abdi Mohamed has issued a statement on the agreement reached in Dhusamareb, the capital of Galmudug.

Taabid, who is currently the leader of the People’s Power Party, said he first welcomed the outcome of the Dhusamareb 3 conference between the President of Somalia, the Presidents of South West, HirShabelle, Galmudug and the Governor of Banadir.

He also sent a message to members of both Houses of the Federal Parliament of Somalia urging them to jointly review the agreement.

The former mayor proposed four points that need to be finalized, in order to implement the agreement reached in Dhusamareb.

Thaabit Abdi Mohamed was a governor of Benaadir from April 2017 to Jan 2018.

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