Latest news from Villa Somalia and next PM?

In the past 48 hours, President Farmaajo has been in the process of naming his second prime minister since taking office, at a critical time in Somalia’s political climate.

President Farmajo is facing political challenges, most notably the appointment of a new Prime Minister, which has now taken 28 days. Sources indicate that it’ll be certain that in the next two days he will nominate his Prime Minister given the limited time he has and the political transition the country has entered with many challenges surrounding him which include the upcoming anticipated elections.

The nominee will not be comfortable, nor will he/she rest, for he/she will have to walk on a narrow path, strewn with political nets, so the candidate likely to be named will have to adjust very quickly to the swinging politics of Somalia.

Although the Somali people have many names on their lips, one of the most talked about figures is Ali Mohamed Gedi, a former Prime Minister and is believed to have political weight in Banadir Region and within some of the country’s administrations although many doubt what Mr Gedi can contribute as new actors have arisen since he was last a Prime Minister from 2004-2007.

There are also other individuals who are also being talked about within the Somali world as the likely replacement for Hassan Ali kheyre.

The man who will replace former Prime Minister Kheyre will not find an easy job as Al-Shabaab is still attacking parts of Mogadishu, the regional States dispute with Federal Government and the opposition political parties, who are monitoring every step taken in Villa Somalia very closely.

Political commentators comment that the person who will be nominated should not be a newcomer to politics rather should be someone who understands the complex politicals in Somalia and should know how to go about it.

“The sailor who will be driving the boat will find it difficult to face the waves of the ocean if he or she is a newcomer” one political party leader told BTV.

“He or She should understand how to manoeuvre the country out of its political gridlock” he added.

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre was recently sacked by parliament and given ”no vote of confidence” after clashing with the President on the election model for 2020.

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