Suspect arrested on Turkish Airlines flight from Mogadishu

Measures now include mandatory face masks in some carriers

Mogadishu – BTV – reports from Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport confirm that a Turkish Airlines flight from Aden Adde International Airport has been delayed for several hours earlier this morning.

Turkish Airlines usually take off from the airport at 10am on schedule, but it took off at 1pm today after a noise and argument broke out inside the plane by a passenger on board.

One of the passengers on the plane told BTV that a passenger had refused to wear a face mask on COVID19 prevention measures then caused a scene inside the plane.

The man, who refused to wear a mask, was also said to have insulted Turkish Airways staff and Ministry of Health staff who were instructing him to wear his mask due to health measures.

Police at Aden Adde International Airport have taken over the case and dejected him from the plane, arresting him at the spot and taking him to Airport police for further questioning.

Reports say that the plane later took off after the ejection of the man, causing severe delays to travellers.

No official statement was made from officials at Aden Adde International Airport or Turkish Airlines.

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