Hopes for 13 Senatorial seats in Benadir region ‘seemingly lost’

Lawmaker & Chairperson of Ileys Party Abdulqadir Osoble Ali, accuses Somali president of ”not being honest.”

Mogadishu – Lawmaker Abdulkadir Osoble Ali, a member of the Forum for National Parties, spoke about ‘’a promise that President of Somalia has left for people of Benadir region’’.

Lawmaker Abdulqadir Osoble said President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo made the pledge at a recent conference in Dhusamareeb, which still has unfinished decisions pending.

Parlimenterian Abdulqadir Osoble argues that the president is not serious about the rights he claims to be seeking for Benadir region and has broken his promises to the public, as he has yet to sign the legislation for the 13 seats allocated for the region.

“If the status of the Benadir region is serious, you (the president) would have included it in the Dhusamareb election agreement that you have prepared. It is clear that you are not loyal to the rights of the Benadir region in the upper house, ”he said.

The lawmaker, who has been campaigning for the 13-seat upper house in the Benadir region, accused the president of ”not being truthful about his promise.”

“Because so far the law passed by parliament is on your table and you are not signing it,” he said.

The lawmaker called on President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo to be ”truthful and fulfil his promise to the people of Benadir region, which was based on the giving them their seats for the upper house.”

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