Somali girl aspires to referee in English Premier League

Jawahir Roble is aspiring to break many barriers.

Monday, August 24, 2020 (BTV) – The first Somali Muslim referee, Jawahir Roble, spoke about her love for football, the challenges she faces and how she can continue her goals for the future.

She told Sky Sports News: “Everyone says football is for men, it’s a man’s game.”

Jawahir Roble came to the UK as a refugee from Somalia when she was 10 years old. Her family decided to start a new life at Wembley, after fleeing the country’s civil war.

“In the beginning people used to say to me, don’t play football because you are a woman. Stop playing football because you will never fit in and people will discriminate against you,” said Jawahir Roble.

She often referee’s young founders of Jason Roberts, a charity founded at Wembley, providing advice, sports and life skills for young people.

Jawahir said she is training hard now to realize her dream of becoming one of the referees in the Premier League, the Women’s Super League and maybe one day refereeing the Champions League final.

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