Source: Teachers guarding Somali national exams not delivered with promise by Ministry

Somali teachers demand their pay and are afraid that change of PM and ministry may mean they’ll never see their hard eaned money.

Mogadishu – Some of the teachers who were guarding the two exams, 8th grade middle school and 12th grade high school, are complaining about their lack of rights from the Somali government.

The teachers said they had not yet received the rights they had been promised and that they would be given the same day as the exams, as they had been done in 2018 and 2019.

Key members of a committee of these teachers told BTV that they had failed in their efforts to reach out to the Somali Ministry of Education.

It is not known why the teachers who supervised the National Examinations have not been paid so far and there is no word from the education ministry officials.The last high school exam ended 30 days ago and still not a single teacher has received the agreed fee.

This is a problem for education in Somalia, especially for Somali educators who work under very difficult conditions.

“Teachers demanded to be given the missing rights. We deserve to hear feedback from the Ministry on the reasons why we have not been paid. We worry we may never see our hard earned incentives due to the change of leadership about to take within the ministry. ” said a teacher who refused to be named.

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