HirShabelle President launches reconciliation process in Warsheikh district

The president of Hirshabelle region Mohamed Abdi Waare and a delegation led by him reached Warsheikh district in Middle Shabelle region, where they were warmly welcomed.

President Waare was accompanied by the Minister of Reconciliation of HirShabelle State, Warsheekh was welcomed by the district administration, councilors and other members of the parliament.

The president of Hirshabelle region has untied the ropes of projects implemented in Warsheikh district and also inaugurated a reconciliation platform for the clans living in some districts of Middle Shabelle region.

During his visit to HirShabelle, President HirShabelle met with Warsheikh district administration and local councilors, discussing the situation in the area and other issues.

Mohamed Abdi Waare, the President of HirShabelle, met with members of the Warsheikh district to discuss ways to strengthen the unity and security of the Indian Ocean coastal district.

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