Benadir regional court imposes heavy sentences on officials once again

Mogadishu – The Benadir Regional Court has today again handed down harsh sentences to officials and employees of the Federal Government of Somalia, who were found guilty of stealing public property.

The court’s sentences include imprisonment and fines, after members of the Ministries of Information, Fisheries, Finance and company owners were found guilty of embezzlement, the court said.

Read below the names of the suspects and their sentences:

1-Aweys Hassan Omar, an accountant in the Ministry of Information’s finance department, was sentenced by the court to one year and six months in prison and fined 255,250,00 Somali shillings ($ 1,183 USD).

2-Khadar Aweys Hassan The management of Alhabib Business Center was sentenced to three years in prison and fined $1183.

3-Guled Ibrahim Mohamed, the director of the finance department of the Ministry of Fisheries was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 59,173,000 Somali Shillings ($13,790 USD).

4-Ali Sheikh Doon Abdi, the head of the audit office of the Federal accountant general, was sentenced by the court to nine years in prison and fined 88,725,000 Somali shillings and $3,549 USD. He has been ordered to return $ 58,555 USD lost.

It was only recently when BTV reported directors and staff at the health ministry were sentenced to prison for corruption.

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