Banadir regional administration says they will step up the fight against COVID-19

Governor of Benadir Omar Mohamud Mohamed says municipality will step up COVID19 awareness in region

Friday, August 28, 2020 (BTV) – Banadir Governor Omar Mohamud Mohamed “Filish” says the threat of COVID-19 remains high in Somalia, and that the the ”municipality will step up it’s effort continue to raise awareness” after speaking to the press.

Somalia has seen a decline in the number of cases, while large numbers have recovered. But Governor Omar Mohamud Mohamed ”Filish” said effort should be re-doubled in order to eradicate the disease for good.

Benadir administration officials have in the past taken part in anti-Coronavirus awareness in the city and will now re-start the initiative once again.

Somali is one of many African countries impacted by COVID-19 lockdowns but have only just now had all its embargo lifted due to a decline in the number of cases.

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