The appointment of the new Prime Minister ”depends on everything”- Villa Somalia strategist

34 days in, President is yet to name a PM thus breaking the Somali Constitution

It has been 34 days since former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre was sacked by parliament, the longest time that the country has not had a Prime Minister, and many analyst are commenting to the reasons why.

What Happened?

Since June this year when the Standing Committee of the Upper House announced the convening of a consultative meeting between the Federal Government and the State Governments to find a solution to the country’s elections, te political situation in the Federal Government has entered a difficult and challenging phase than it has been in the past three years, and the situation had escalated even further when Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre made three key points before his sacking;

• The election to be on time
• Extending the government period will lead to political unrest
• That the election be of any kind, as long as all parties are in agreement.

President Mohamed Farmajo and his closest team, led by National Intelligence Director Fahad Yassin Haji Dahir, have developed a strategy they believe will be successful, following the removal of Prime Minister Kheyre.

Appoint a caretaker Prime Minister who has no vision but only told what to do.
• Break down the opposition and coalitions in Mogadishu, some of which are led by former Presidents, key strong hold’s in the country.
• To try and take control of the three regional states of Galmudug, Hir Shabelle and KG, after Dhusamareb 2
• Gain the support of the parliament
• Eliminate the power of the Upper House

The main weapon to be used by Villa Somalia to implement its plan is appointing a ”yes man Prime Minister” according to our source.

President Farmaajo embarked to Dhusamareeb without naming a new prime minister as the whole country was waiting for him to deliver on his promise with many wondering now how far the president will go in breaking the constitution.

Dhusamareb 3, which did not have representation from Puntland and Jubaland, who play a key role in the country’s politics, has fast become increasingly unpopular due to the mishandling of the Federal Government. Many International observers view the FGS in ”re-igniting clan hostility”, as they had pointed out to President Farmaajo’s in their conference at the airport on his return from Dhusamareb 3.

Nomination of new Prime Minister

So the fourth conference in Mogadishu, which is planned to conclude the Dhusamareb 3, the only card left for President Farmaajo will be to hold the conference without naming a Prime Minister and thus sidelining the Hawiye clan from the consultation of the electoral model for the country with many observers indicating the Presidents intention on provoking the majority residing clan in Mogadishu and nearby areas. However it is questionable whether Puntland and Jubaland, who understand the ”Villa Somalia games” according to our source in Garowe, will allow a fourth conference without the appointment of a prime minister beforehand.

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