Deni, Madobe hold talks with foreign diplomats in Mogadishu

The presidents of Puntland and Jubbaland Tuesday afternoon met with representatives of the international community including the UN and US ahead of today’s talks with President Mohamed Farmaajo.

Puntland president Abdullahi Deni said the meeting with the international partners focused on the elections in the country.

“Together with the President of Jubbaland had a meeting with representatives of the international partners including; UN, US, EU, Sweden, UK, Italy, IGAD, and AU, in Mogadishu.

Main discussion point was the current situation in Somalia, particularly the election for 2020/2021,” Deni said in a tweet.

The meeting came ahead of an evening diner with President Mohamed Farmaajo at Villa Somalia.

The two leaders are expected to hold talks with Farmaajo from today in a bid to break the electoral stalemate as the country operates on a tight schedule before parliamentary and presidential elections are held later in the year and early 2021 respectively.

Deni and Madobe, both of which have had frosty relations with Mogadishu boycotted the Dhusmareb III talks last month and subsequently failed to recognize the outcome.

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