Political parties issue strong demands for Mogadishu conference

Mogadishu – The Forum for National Parties has issued strong demands for a conference expected to take place in Mogadishu between President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and the Jubaland regional presidents of Puntland, but was canceled due to conditions set by Jubaland that was not met.

The Forum of National Parties has asked the Federal Government to make sure that the conference be attended by all the Member States of the Federal Government and to avoid actions, they say, that could see a controversial election process.

They also called on the leadership of the country at the Federal and State levels to come to a compromise and show flexibility and inspire the country and the people of Somalia.

“Forum of National Parties considers the meeting to be a golden opportunity for peaceful election process in 2020/2021, so the forum recommends that ”all parties be present and for their advice and decisions to emerge from the meeting, to avoid the country and the people into political chaos” the statement said.

They also warned against “any deal that could pave the way for an extension.”

The statement concluded: “The National Parties Forum (NLF), based on the current state of affairs in the country and its political history, we remind the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia that he has broken a state tradition of the last 20 years. Not appointing a new Prime Minister means that the President is not yet serious about the country’s transition. “

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