The citizen’s of Mogadishu; ”We are fed up with the increasing situation in recent days”…

Mogadishu, capital of Somalia, is hosting many political meetings in run up to the general elections, yet to be decided by leaders on its model.

Friday 4 Sept 2020, Mogadishu – The people of Mogadishu, who previously suffered from inherited divisions, are now feeling the effects of further insecurity and repression by the government, which has created a sense of community mobilization.

The people, who have been suffering from the effects of the siege, are now suffering from insecurity.

“People are being robbed day and night and they are being robbed of their homes, places of business and education, even the streets are closed and no one is doing anything about it,” said Hajji Abdi Ahmed, an elder in Mogadishu.

The robbery was reportedly committed by men dressed in Somali security forces uniforms and gangs and no one has responded to the incident.

“We are organizing to hold demonstrations and if this continues, we will make our own community decision,” Haji Abdi said.

Robberies are on the rise in districts outside the government, and one of the reasons given is the country’s political transition, which has always led to insecurity.

The government has recently tightened security at Bakara and Suuq Ba’ad markets, which have improved but in other districts of the city the situation is deteriorating.

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