Local lad Ahmed Keyse killed in Mogadishu days after graduating from university

Young Ahmed Hussein Nur (Keyse) was a recent graduate and becomes another victim to spate of increased robberies in the capital recently.

6th September 2020 – Mogadishu – Ahmed Hussein Nur (Keyse), a young university graduate, was shot dead last night in Mogadishu’s Wadajir district.

He was shot dead by gunmen in Bulo-Hubey last night, who then fled the scene.

Locals report that the killers were a gang of three, who robbed the recent graduate victim’s phone but that he had refused to give it up, which led to the shooting and the robbers taking his mobile phone from him.

Somali security forces also arrived at the scene and conducted a brief search, but no arrests were made.

Ahmed Keyse’s death came as a shock to his family and friends, as he celebrated his graduation only few days ago.

This is part of a series of painful incidents that are taking place in Mogadishu, with civilians being robbed at night in some districts in the capital.

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