Shooting with injuries takes place in Mogadishu

Mogadishu – Various reports are emerging from the casualties caused by last night’s clashes in Yaqshid district of Banadir region.

The clashes erupted after a group who were allegedly planting landmines on a road where intercepted in Suuq Ba’ad by Somali security forces who then opened fire.

Reports say one of the men planting the mine was shot dead, while two others escaped, Deputy Commissioner for Social Affairs of Yaqshid District Abdullahi Yusuf Mohamed Shilow confirmed to media.

Deputy Commissioner Shilow said the forces received information about the men and then launched a planned operation to prevent the incident.

“Security forces received intelligence that a landmine was being planted on a sand market road used exclusively by district officials. They immediately responded, and when they arrived, they came across a shootout with the group planting landmine thus killing one of the mine planters while two others escaped” said the Yaqshid district administration’s deputy social affairs commissioner.

He also added that they are conducting further investigations to ensure the general security of the district.

Mogadishu has been rocked by a spate of bombings in recent months, most recently last night near the Sayid intersection in Mogadishu, which left many people injured.

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