Banadir regional schools respond strongly to Caretakers Minister’s statement

Mogadishu – Schools that are members of the SAFE Education Umbrella in the Benadir region have reacted strongly to the controversial statement made by the caretaker Minister of Education, Abdullahi Godah Barre recently.

A statement from the umbrella’s member schools condemned Caretaker Minister of Education’s alleged verbal attack on thousands of students, calling them “poor quality schools and teachers working in Mogadishu”.

They said they were confident in the quality of their teachers and the education they provided, calling the minister’s remarks unfortunate and an excuse for the failure of the country’s education ministry.

“We condemn the reaction (Ministry of Education) and their persistence to put blame on the shoulder’s of the students and schools in Banadir region: The caretaker Minister of Education and the Director of Education in Banadir region, who blamed the mistakes on schools, teachers and students in Banadir region have shown their poor judgement and great irresponsibility and selfishness, ”the statement said.

He also said that the caretakers allegations that there are ”private schools skipping some classes are baseless.”

The statement added that the silence of the country’s top leaders is questionable.

Schools that are members of the SAFE Education Umbrella in the Benadir region have also threatened to take appropriate action.

The crisis comes as a result of poor performance table released by the Ministry this year with 8,000 students reported to have failed in their exams out of 33,000 students.

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